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Those Fluker Kents

Gerry Carley & Gwynette Kent Dixon

This book is not a novel. It is a history of an American family. The story begins in Upper Wallop, Hampshire, England, continues to New England in the early 1600ís, and finally to the frontier after the Louisiana Purchase, to a region that had once been Spanish West Florida, and which to this day is referred to as the Florida Parishes of Louisiana.

Interestingly, in the 370 plus years over which this migration occurred, they only lived in four places: Newbury, Massachusetts, Chester, New Hampshire, Kentwood, Louisiana, and Fluker, Louisiana.

The members of the Kent family that eventually settled in Fluker were pioneers, instrumental in founding towns, creating businesses and jobs, and were dominant participants in the development of the social and economic fabric of the local society.

These Fluker Kents were a big family, and lived life to the fullest, and deserve to be remembered.This book exists so that their descendants might know who these people were, and how they lived.

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